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People invest a considerable amount of money in certain projects intending to make a profit. What if the team managing that project is incompetent? You cannot trust any newbie that promises exciting returns. Therefore, you should search for projects that are decentralized and governed by the community. 

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations are community-governed entities. There is no central authority to dictate the platform’s plans but it is the community that plans future actions to promote the platform and draw more investment for rapid development. 

After careful research, we have shortlisted the top 3 cryptos that are well-governed and could potentially rally in the future. The three tokens are: GryffinDao (GDAO), Litecoin (LTC), and Waves (WAVES).   

Continue reading to learn more about these community-led projects and alternative options for crypto investment.

GryffinDAO (GDAO): Offering a Cutting-edge Alternative for Traditional Transaction Models

The GryffinDAO protocol integrates sophisticated technologies to establish a decentralized autonomous organization platform. This platform will be able to create a lot of utility and options to earn passive income for token holders. 

GryffinDAO has been built on the BSC blockchain (Binance Smart Chain). It will be much faster and safer than competitor platforms. Besides, it will deliver a fully decentralized crypto trading experience.

Since GryffinDAO is built upon the Binance Smart Chain, it shows excellent smart contract functionality. It also has great compatibility with Ethereum Virtual Machine or EVM. Such compatibility plays a vital role in increasing the usability and demands of the protocol. It can seamlessly import decentralized applications from the Ethereum network.

GryffinDAO aims to bring value stability to the crypto market. Thus, it will emerge as a better alternative to old-school financial transaction models. It will establish lasting utility for the GDAO Token so common users can access and use this token for their daily needs.

This platform aims to transform the conventional financial market, which is costly and intrusive. It will establish a democratic system governed by users for their benefit. 

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GryffinDAO promises to deliver a cutting-edge decentralized finance platform with some remarkable features. It will facilitate permissionless transactions for the fast and cost-effective exchange of coins.

It will use the Proof of Stake validation system to further reduce trading fees and attract more users. Users will need the GDAO Token for governance, yield farming, staking, and LP rewards.

The GDAO Token will be made available for purchase through a presale at very attractive prices.

Litecoin – A Popular Altcoin With a Faster Transaction Speed Than Bitcoin

Charlie Lee introduced Litecoin in 2011 as a Bitcoin alternative to prevent large mining organizations from controlling the entire crypto market. The LTC token was promoted as an alternative option for daily transactions.

It eventually became mineable through ASIC miners. The coin’s supply reduced over time to improve its value and it became a popular crypto asset in the cryptocurrency industry. The LTC Token is widely used to process quick and secure payment transactions across the world. Many businesses have adopted the coin as it offers quick settlement times with high-security features and privacy.

Waves: Offering Users a Chance to Create and Launch Unique Crypto Tokens

Waves is a unique platform that permits users to create and introduce tailored crypto assets. Users do not need to indulge in complex smart contract programming. It uses scripts to develop custom tokens for users and they can trade those tokens over the blockchain network.

Waves aim to develop new decentralized applications to govern tokens generated by users. It has made the process as simple as crafting and launching a new web application. All new assets on the Waves blockchain appear with a distinct identifier. 

WAVES is the native token and this blockchain aims to maintain an infinite supply of this token. Waves blockchain users need this token to exploit features of the blockchain and create custom tokens.

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*This article has been paid. The Cryptonomist didn’t write the article nor has tested the platform.


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