Top 3 DAPPs by Revenue Growth in Last 30 Days as per CryptoRank Platform

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  • All stakeholders and the community benefit from $REFLEX, a deflationary coin.
  • Implied volatility derivatives are the focus of Volmex Finance.

Let us look at the top 3 DAPPs by revenue growth in the last 30 Days as per CryptoRank Platform.

Euler Finance (+520%)

To earn interest on their crypto assets or hedge against turbulent markets, Euler is a capital-efficient permissionless lending system that does not need a trusted third party. In addition, Euler introduces several new features that have never previously been seen in DeFi. These include MEV-resistant liquidations, multi-collateral stability pools, and permissionless lending markets.

Volmex Finance (+225%)

Implied volatility derivatives are the focus of Volmex Finance. As a private corporation that shares the idea of an open, non-custodial decentralized financial environment, Volmex Labs is not a DAO. Several smart contracts and computations related to volatility indices are available via their website and mobile app. The implied volatility indices for Bitcoin and Ethereum are calculated using a mechanism similar to conventional finance to produce the VIX index. Direct and inverse volatility tokens, which may vary from 0 to 250 depending on the index computation, are used to get exposure to the market’s volatility.

Reflexer Finance (+117%)

All stakeholders and the community benefit from $REFLEX, a deflationary coin. $REFLEX holders will get an initial allocation of 8% of the total volume in $BUSD. To maintain the value of the Reflex token and its reflections rising, Reflex Finance is building a robust and infinitely expanding community. The holders’ passive income is protected from price swings by paying out in a stable currency, $BUSD. Reflex Finance’s goal is to generate several sources of revenue while also bringing new chances to the local community. $REFLEX token holders will be able to spend their time as they see fit, thanks to the token’s passive revenue sources.


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