Vulture Peak’s Launchpad Changes The Game With No Staking Or Tier Systems Required

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Vulture Peak, a community-driven launchpad and investment fund platform is empowering everyone with investing powers to participate in blockchain games, metaverse, DeFi, and other new developments within the space.

Vulture Peak is a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) platform that aims at providing equal opportunities to all investors. The platform uses the ‘first-come, first-serve’ principle to give all investors early access to upcoming projects. What sets the project apart from many similar projects in the market is that Vulture Peak does not have a tier system or staking requirements.

Notably, Vulture Peak investors are not required to lock tokens or stake their assets to participate in the launchpad’s IDOs or IGOs. To participate, investors simply have to deposit a minimum amount of $VPK tokens, Vulture Peak’s native token of about $10 to $30. This amount serves as a registration fee during the whitelisting process and provides the investors with guaranteed allocation.

Vulture Peak is committed to providing a level playing ground for all participants, an ideal decentralized platform for mainstream adoption. With just two months of operations, the project has managed to successfully launch eight projects with many more lined up. So far, Vulture Peak has successfully launched its own native token Vulture Peak ($VPK), GoldeFy, Mundo, Adroverse, Penguin Kart, Wizardia, Stickman Battleground, and Plutonian. There are a few more projects lined up for April including the Sugar Kingdom- IGO, Taroverse- IGO, Creo Engine- IGO, Metawander- IGO, and ShoeFy- INO.

While investors are not required to stake assets to participate in IGOs and IDOs, the platform has a farming pool where holders can either stake $VPK or $VPK-BUSD LP tokens to earn rewards in $VPK. Other additional services include helping projects create separate farming pools for their tokens. This service seeks to enable project security and maintain good price actions after launch.




In the coming days, Vulture Peaks hopes to breach out from being just a launchpad and an investment fund. The project will reportedly venture into other exciting areas to innovate and bring new ideas to the platform. The Vulture Peak team explains:

“As we progress, we will try to gamify our platform and create more interesting stuff on the platform. However, we are not referring to creating any complex games or high-fi MMORPG. We will simply build creative mini-games where we can have more user engagement and create additional utility for our token. Similarly, Vulture Peak will dive into the metaverse in collaboration with other projects and explore other areas of NFTs, DeFi, IGO, INO, and many more.”


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