What makes Gnox,Uniswap,and Pancakeswap,Top Crypto Projects 2022?

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With so many different projects being launched every week in the crypto world, it can be hard to break through the noise. Despite this, 3 extremely interesting projects have managed to gain a ton of traction recently: Gnox, Pancakeswap and Uniswap. Could GNOX, UNI and CAKE be the next big things in crypto for 2022? Let’s have a look at why they’re the ones people are talking about.

How Gnox could be the top crypto project in 2022

Gnox is currently generating a ton of attention in the crypto world. Currently in pre-sale phase, demand is high for this project which is the first in the crypto world to offer yield farming as a service. With a custom-built treasury, GNOX raises funds through a transaction tax which is then deployed in a range of DeFi protocols to generate a return for investors.

Why is everyone talking about Gnox? As a simple, single-point of access platform, it allows regular and institutional investors to enjoy the benefits of DeFi investment, easily. One big barrier to entry for crypto investors is that regular people don’t often understand how staking, liquidity pools and loaning protocols work. With Gnox, they don’t need to—they can simply hold their Gnox tokens and enjoy regular passive income returns. For those who want to be slightly more involved with the system (and who may have more knowledge of the DeFi space), holders will also be granted votes on how the treasury’s funds will be allocated, like what mix of low and higher-risk investments will be made.

As a truly innovative platform, created by a team of highly-capable developers, it’s not a surprise many analysts are predicting Gnox the next big thing in the crypto world.

How Uniswap became the biggest DEX in 2022

Uniswap is also getting a lot of headlines in the crypto world, having recently surpassed $1 Trillion in total trading volume. Uniswap acts as a network of DeFi apps and allows users to swap, earn and build on its decentralized crypto trading platform.

Decentralized exchanges have become increasingly important recently, especially as regulations continue to increase on centralized exchanges. Uniswap has definitely taken advantage of this, and now sits as the largest decentralized exchange (DEX) in the market.

Their token, UNI, powers the DEX and acts as a governance token so that holders can make key decisions on the future of the platform. And if analysts’ predictions are true, the future of the platform could be bright.

Pancakeswap also had a huge year

Pancakeswap is another decentralized exchange (DEX) that has continued to surge in popularity over the last year or so. Allowing users to trade cryptocurrencies, without relying on centralized exchanges or third parties, both Uniswap and Pancakeswap are key players in the decentralized world. As of June 2022, Pancakeswap’s governance token, CAKE, sits at a price of around $4.83, having experienced strong recent gains despite the overall bear market.

Many analysts predict that as the benefits of decentralized exchanges continue to grow, both Uniswap and Pancakeswap could become even more integral to the crypto world.

With more and more people realising the benefits of DeFi, these 3 crypto projects and their associated coins CAKE, GNOX and UNI could have an incredibly strong future.

Find Out More Here:

Join Presale: https://presale.gnox.io/register

Website: https://Gnox.io

Telegram: https://t.me/gnoxfinancial 

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/mnWbweQRJB

Twitter: https://twitter.com/gnox_io


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