Wikipedia editors call to halt crypto donations

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TL;DR Breakdown

• Over 70 percent of Wikipedia society members called for crypto donations to be shut down.
• Wikimedia Organization will analyze the request and decide in the next few days

The Wikipedia editors have asked the foundation to stop crypto donations. The group made up of at least 200 editors asked the Wikimedia organization to put aside contributions in cryptos, claiming that the market is very volatile. In previous months, the leading encyclopedia began to receive support with tokens such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, but apparently, the editors have kicked back against this development.

The crypto market has gained priority among the most prominent companies because, with more than a decade in operation, its financial scheme has been seen to be efficient. Even hobbyists allege that cryptos could replace the fiat market, which had a massive setback during the pandemic. Wikipedia had initially promoted decentralized commerce, but now the popular information hub website seems to be putting its position into consideration.

Wikipedia editors consider crypto donations “bad idea”


Leading Wikipedia editors such as Gorilla Warfare, believe that accepting donations in crypto is a bad idea for society. The activist White Molly alleges many problems with crypto, DeFi trading, and the growing market for non-fungible tokens.

Mining Bitcoin consumes about 200 watts per hour. This figure is compared to the same electricity consumption that Thai citizens have each year. White not only complains about the excessive use of energy to mine Bitcoin, but it is also a topic discussed by various entrepreneurs, including Elon Musk, who has consistently supported the decentralized market.

Donations in crypto suspended


Since last October 2021, donations in cryptos have served the Wikipedia collective society. However, the process could be paused at the request of its most important editors. Two hundred thirty-two editors in the society called for donations in crypto to be canceled, and only 94 people within the group abstained from the measure imposed by the majority.

However, the organization is not legally bound to accept the group’s requests. But he may accept it when he realizes that the vast majority of society is imposing the rule. An agent at Wikimedia said that the situation would be analyzed to agree to society’s liking.

If the motion against donations in cryptos with Wikipedia is approved, the free encyclopedia will be the second company that leaves decentralized commerce behind next to the Mozilla organization. For the first week of April, the Mozilla association stopped accepting these donations after recognizing that the BTC mining is harmful to the environment.


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