XDC Network Makes an Effort to Transform Developer Participation Into Decentralization

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A blockchain network is trustless and requires no personal interaction between participants. A distributed ledger ensures that all nodes in the network have access to the same data. There will be widespread disapproval of a member’s ledger if it has been tampered with or corrupted by other users on the network.

Systems with an unhealthy dependence on a small number of individuals may benefit from decentralization since it makes those people less of a focal point. Systemic failures may result from these vulnerabilities, such as the inability to provide promised services or the delivery of subpar services owing to multiple reasons.

As of its introduction on August 19, 2022, XDC Community has made it’s objective to foster a thriving decentralized development community for the XDC Network. It is a group of volunteers who have seen the light and decided to do something about it by creating a developer community that will entice leading developers and institutional partners to create applications on the XDC platform.

The firm recently listed out the primary accomplishments of the XDC Community over the last two months, as well as a strategy for the formal establishment of the XDC Community entity, including key areas of concentration, upcoming projects, and a model for development and sustainability through the year 2023.

To keep forward with this, it needs the votes of the XDC community. The XDC Community Initiative will be funded by the XDC Ecosystem Development Fund in the amount detailed by the firm if there is sufficient support for this initiative within the XDC community.

The community can put forward their votes, both in favor of and in opposition to the plan. In addition, it will be holding events and Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions to talk about the proposal in person. On Monday, October 31 at 12 AM EDT (UTC-4), the polls will open, and they will close on Friday, November 4 at 11:59 PM EDT (UTC-4).

Within the past two months, the team has established themselves as industry experts on blockchain-related subjects including decentralization via their support for XIP development. The team has a history of success in community interaction via AMAs, Twitter spaces, and discord engagement, as well as in giving network-building courses through a bounty programme and founding and managing the Coinbase hackathon.

The XDC Community team has shown that they can support this expansion via decentralization, which is essential for a widespread developer and industry adoption.

Its mission is to support the XDC Community by enhancing decentralization, establishing standards, and fostering a vibrant environment for developers that encourages leading software engineers and large-scale organizations to use XDC as a platform.


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